photo diary vietnam, part I

A photo/travel/portrait/documentary-diary from my trip to Vietnam, summer 2013. The trip lasted a little more than five weeks in total - three weeks with a friend and two weeks alone. I travelled through the country from south to north by train, wearing trainers and tugging along a relatively small backpack including my camera. Here is the result.

Ten hours spent in Dubai Airport - sleeping on the floor wrapped in a blanket and trying to look after your backpack even while sleeping. Awaken by the morning choir at 4 o'clock in the morning
The local market near our quarter in Ho Chi Minh City
Frogs with beating hearts still jumping around after beheading 
A portion of the traditional Vietnamese beef-noodle soup, pho, in the streets of Ho Chi Minh
Before leaving Ho Chi Minh City around 4.30 a.m. 
Eating lunch, rice paper and herbs, with nuns from a small monastery in Phan Rang - Thap Cham
Evening in Phan Rang after searching for a hostel the entire day
Stained teeth of a regular betel chewer
Cham temples from the 16th century
Traditional egg/rice pancakes in the making 
Visiting Cham towers in the countryside
Hard seat trains during nighttime 
Exploring the beautiful coastal town Tuy Hoa
We found the largest shell I have ever seen
Fishermen in front of their house just by the sea
 Early sunrise in Qui Nhon
Eating dragon fruits on a cliff overlooking the bay
Plenty of colourful fishing boats in Qui Nhon
Storm in Quy Nhon. The sky was (almost) tumbling down on the beach
The bay after a rainfall 
Meat market in Dieu Tri
Arriving in Hoi An before a heavy cloudburst
Cua Dai beach just outside of Hoi An
Morning in Hue
Preparation for the morning market
Morning coffee among guts, liver and intestines
Rice packages

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