photo diary summer 2012

summer is coming to and end, and I decided to look back at the past few months. these photos are shot in various countries (denmark, lithuania, italy) with different cameras: my DSLR, a disposable camera, an analogue camera, a digital camera and my phone - simply anything I was carrying with me. the idea was to capture unique, fleeting moments and an atmosphere of summer.



I had to blink twice when I stumbled upon my own picture (the above) on a tumblr today and saw it had 18,000 notes - during approximately 24 hours. it makes no sense, wow. absolutely overwhelmed. so thankful that my piece is being seen and appreciated by so many people! it was posted by somebody else though – I have no idea who.  

besides grasping the fact that my photo is being seen on tumblr among a billion stunning pictures and artworks, I've noticed two things today: first, on Friday I’m leaving Aalborg and will hardly be back for a month. second, I’ve started talking a lot with myself - maybe the freedom has gotten to my head. however, I can’t wait to travel and spend special moments with my best friends and family. today has been a little summer-like, finally. it’s more enjoyable than ever being home. many hours spent in the garden with coffee, pancakes and 1Q84 (haruki murakami). the lawn hasn’t been mowed for weeks, my father can spend at least ten minutes examining a dead branch with the uttermost care, we're making smoothies consisting of salad and chilli (yes), our garbage is mostly consisting of empty ice-cream containers and it’s way too messy in our living room (anyhow, I actually think my family got the term living room right: we really do live there; my photo studio is there taking up half of the space, fitness and tennis equipment on our dining table, framed pictures on the floor and a yoga mat on the couch) – but everything is in its right place and I adore it.

currently looking forward to: shoot beautiful asta in lønstrup, experience bon iver, jack white and björk on roskilde festival, drink wine and eat real Italian pizza with my favourite girls in pratola peligna, spend nine days in a tent, jazz in copenhagen, days at the beach in lithuania and absolutely no worries and freedom. 

may everyone have a fantastic summer, enjoy and appreciate the time (and eat a lot of good ice-cream, please)


arctic island

trip to iceland, spring 2012

in the train, early morning
ice crystals on the window in the plane
the continuous and tedious landscape from keflavik to reykjavik

reykjavik from above
whale watching, the atlantic ocean
due to seasickness these were the whales I primarily saw
power station
driving by small cities, from the bus window 
heaven is a place on earth
hot springs
art in downtown reykjavik
café babalú 
icelandic poetry
the blue lagoon, absolutely fantastic and extraordinary
absolutely stunning place 
footprints in the snow

northern lights over reykjavik 
wonderful product, icelandic skyr
deserted landscape covered in snow