africa part II

the atmosphere of this picture always reminds me of the book "the kite runner"
elegant animals
very creative, home-made scooter
most beautiful car shed I've ever seen
quite stuffed bus 
one afternoon all the dust from the ground was blown up in the air - you could only see what was literally just in front of you
first day on kilimanjaro, africa's highest mountain (and the world's highest free-standing mountain). preparations
one of the porters
the first day of hiking in an odd, moist jungle 
day one 
that smile
one of the pictures my father took - me lying on some kind of bench in the rain, exhausted
sign-in at the first camp at the end of the day
wilson, our guide
day two 
day three. terrible snowstorm, which is very untypical. usually there are absolutely no snow on the top of kilimanjaro - we walked in snow from day three. many porters left the baggage and quit, apparently it wasn't worth it to keep going
I never thought that I could ever reach a point where I actually had to think: "what to think about now?" - but it happened lots of times during these really long days of walking, walking and.. walking
our camp, day three
there actually was a small "toilet" near the camp (luxury) with a toilet brush in an africafe tin

day four

tents getting blown away
sunset day four. I didn't sleep that night - the altitude was way to high. also, we had to get up halv past two in the night to start our climb to the top
after walking the entire night, the sun finally started to rise 
day five, the day we reached the summit was the most beautiful day in contrast to the rest of the days
ice, untouched
above the clouds 
uhuru peak, africa's highest point. I cried from the moment I saw this sign until we started the descent. I was so close to not making it because of hallucinations and fainting - our guide said that I should stop a few kilometres from the summit - but finally, here we were
the first few hours of the descent were amazing. we walked sixteen hours that day 
the guide that took us to the summit. I remember him singing to himself in the night, on our way to the summit. I didn't understand any of the words, it was in swahili, but it was the only sound besides our steps in the cold snow 
day six, kilimanjaro seen from an altitude of two kilometers - as it always looked fifteen years ago, before the global warming
back in moshi town, school yard

two boys playing soccer in the street with a cone
we went to the most amazing place - an oasis in the desert. we bathed in the most clear and warm water I've ever seen, the entire place surrounded by palms 
corn on the fire
on our way back, we got completely lost. there were no roads and we kept driving in circles
"ambiere hair - cutting soloon"
a school in zanzibar
coconuts from the palms
the fruit in zanzibar was sweeter than the candy 
white beaches 
we dived one afternoon. the water was so warm and clear and the starfish absolutely stunning
the lodge we stayed at a few days. the perfect place to relax after kilimanjaro. I spent two days reading, walking on the beach, swimming and eating pancakes and fruit for breakfast
zanzibar city
flags between the houses
a girl in the street
our last day in africa

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