endless autumn

canada, the east coast, in the most beautiful months of the year - october and november, 2009.

canadian pancakes
I can't really believe that I've lived on this road
seeing niagara falls was somehow not that exceptional as I'd been told - perhaps because of the feeling that I'd already been there at least hundred times. I guess it must have something to do with the fact that the movie I watched the most as a child, was an old pippi movie where pippi rolls down niagara falls in a barrel
tree on fire
happy pumpkins
if I ever get a big family.. try to imagine living a place like this
small, pretty wooden houses burning
the forest just by our home
augusta who did her own make-up
halloween children, excitement, excitement, excitement
parade in toronto 
a gorgeous car and the proud car owner 
new models
view from the second highest spot in the world, toronto
the sun melts the ice on the windows after another extremely cold night 
beautiful natalie

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